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Rebalance me Ice Tea Recipe

With the weather heating up its the perfect time to get your favourite ice tea brewing.  One of the favs here at OFL is the Rebalance me ice tea and here is how you brew…



1. Place 1 heaped teaspoon of rebalance me tea leaves into a tea strainer.

2. Place strainer in a tea cup and fill cup 1/3 full with boiling water (enough to cover tea leaves).

3. Let tea leaves steep in water for 20-30 minutes and allow to cool.

4. Once completely cooled, add 3-5 sliced strawberries, ice cubes and top up with cold water if needed, garnish with a mint leaf and enjoy!


This recipe can also be used for our Tea Bottles

  • Small 300ml Tea bottle use 1 heaped teaspoon
  • Medium 400ml Tea bottle use 2 teaspoons
  • Large 500ml Tea bottle use 2 heaped teaspoons

Just remember the tea bottle will take a while to cool, so brew well in advance or brew in a tea cup (as per above) then transfer into your bottle.


To make a brew for your next party in a fancy drink dispenser use 50g (1 box) of tea leaves in a medium size saucepan, fill with boiling water place lid on and let steep for 30 minutes.  Remove lid and let cool for 10 minutes. Using a sieve of anything you have with small holes, strain tea into 6L drink dispenser.  Allow to cool.  Once cool, add ice, half a punnet of strawberries and 4 mint leaves.  Top up with cold water and enjoy…


Happy brewing Tea Lovers!

Mel   xxx

Naturopath (BHSc-Nat)