Tea for Pregnancy

Tea for Pregnancy

Do you want the best tea for pregnancy in Brisbane to help ensure that your journey towards bringing your baby into the world is as stress free as possible and your little bundle of joy comes out healthy and strong? You will be glad to know that we have the perfect tea blends for you.

Since we founded Organics For Lily in 2013, we have made it one of our top priorities to help pregnant mothers ease their way through the nine months before birthing and even make labour all that more tolerable. This is why we have developed 100% organic and natural tea blends in Brisbane that deliver a wide range of health benefits that will help both mothers and babies throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Located in a leafy acreage in Brisbane’s western corridor, we have harnessed Mother Nature’s most powerful health-giving ingredients, pregnant mothers can minimise the ill effects of morning sickness, prevent sleepless nights, decrease stress and anxiety during and after pregnancy, ease the pain of labour, and so much more. What is of the highest importance is that all our tea blends for pregnancy are free of harmful chemicals and man-made elements. Therefore, mothers can have peace of mind knowing that both them and their babies are completely safe with zero risk for any illness or disease caused by pesticides and other inorganic compounds.

With our founder being a mother herself and an experienced naturopath, she knows exactly what women need to have a healthy pregnancy and minimise the risks associated with it. We combined years of skills, knowledge, and experience, our life-long love for tea, and passion for helping people live healthier lives to create the safest, healthiest, and the most delicious tasting tea for pregnant mothers available in the market today.

Get the best tea for pregnancy in Brisbane and the rest of Australia today!

What Are The Benefits of Our Organic Tea for Pregnancy?

Scientific research has shown that organic tea for pregnancy can provide you with a whole host of health benefits. Through regular intake, you can –

  • Minimise Morning Sickness
    • Organic tea can help minimise morning sickness by relaxing your digestive muscles, so you don’t feel the urge to vomit
  • Prevent Sleepless Nights
    • Organic tea can help prevent sleepless nights by boosting your neurotransmitters that improve sleep quality and avoid insomnia.
  • Ease Labour Pains
    • Organic tea can help ease labour pains by increasing blood flow and strengthening uterine muscle fibres to improve the effectiveness of contractions during labour.
  • Strengthen Immune System
    • Organic tea can help strengthen your immune system with vitamins and minerals that can help fight off illness as well as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Boost Antioxidant Levels
    • Organic tea can help boost your body’s antioxidant levels to combat against free radicals that damage fatty tissue, DNA, and proteins which lead to disease.
  • ImproveDigestive Health
    • Organic tea can help maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in your digestive system so you can better process food and absorb nutrients.
  • Soothe Body and Mind
    • Organic tea can help soothe your body and mind by aiding in the reduction of stress as well as the relief of bone, muscle, and joint aches and pains.


These are just some of the health benefits that organic tea can offer you. Plenty of international scientific studies have shown that there a lot more advantages to drinking tea every day.

What Types of OrganicTea for Pregnancy Do We Offer?

Organics For Lily offers arange of premium quality organictea for pregnancy made with love especially for you. Our special in-house blends include –

Therapeutic Tea

  • Glow Tea
  • Relax Me Tea
  • Labour Tea

All our organic tea blends are available in bulk bags so you can refill your jars quickly.

So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

Why Choose Organics For Lily?

  • Handcrafted by Our Tea Master and Naturopath

    You will be brewing cups handcrafted by our highly skilled and experienced tea master and naturopath. With years of knowledge and understanding on how to formulate blends that don’t just taste amazing but delivers the satisfaction that you are looking for, you can be assured of making the perfect cups of tea every single time.

  • 100% Organic and Eco-friendly

    You will be getting 100% organic and eco-friendly tea blends made from Mother Nature’s healthiest and most delicious ingredients. We don’t use harsh chemicals and pesticides utilised in conventional farming and package our teas in reusable glass jars and we use bags that are made from 100% recycled materials.

  • Premium Quality Ingredients

    You will be mixing cups with organic tea blends that use premium quality ingredients that deliver maximum taste, satisfaction, and health benefits. You will find that we formulate our tea blends with all-natural ingredients provided by Australia’s leading and most trusted organic farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

  • Made with Love and Passion

    You will be tasting tea made with our absolute love for this aromatic beverage and our wholehearted passion for making people smile with every sip of the blends that we create. You will discover by the taste and flavour how we put our heart and soul into ensuring that we provide you with the best tea you have ever tasted!