Labour Tea

Empower your labour journey

Organic ingredients: Raspberry leaf


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Empower your labour journey

Organic ingredients: Raspberry leaf


Welcome to our Labour Tea, a carefully crafted blend with a single organic ingredient: Raspberry Leaf.

✨Organic Goodness: We source only the finest organic Raspberry Leaf, ensuring that you enjoy the purest and most natural infusion possible. No additives, just nature’s goodness.

✨Trusted Tradition: Raspberry Leaf has been a time-honoured choice for centuries, known for its gentle qualities and its association with moments of significance. Embrace tradition as you prepare for your special journey.

✨Nurturing Comfort: Labour Tea is crafted to provide a soothing and comforting experience. Its mild, earthy flavour and subtle sweetness make it a pleasant choice for moments of reflection and preparation.

✨ Versatile Use: Labour Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preference. Sip it during quiet moments of contemplation or share it with loved ones as you anticipate the meaningful events ahead.

✨ Thoughtful Gifting: Our Labour Tea makes a thoughtful gift for expecting mothers and anyone embarking on a significant journey. Share the gift of natural comfort and well-wishes with those you care about.

Start drinking 1 cup (500 mg) per day at 20/40 weeks and increase every few weeks until drinking 4 cups per day. Continue drinking 4 cups until 1 week after delivery.


Proudly Australian made and owned. All blends are hand-blended and packaged by the Organics for Lily team in Queensland, Australia. Made using the highest quality local and internationally sustainably-sourced certified organic ingredients

Embrace the simplicity and purity of our Labour Tea, and let the organic Raspberry Leaf be your companion on your path to the moments that matter most. It’s more than just tea; it’s a tradition, a comfort, and a celebration of life’s most precious experiences.

Directions: Place a heaped teaspoon of tea per cup (250ml) into a teapot, tea bottle or infuser and brew for 3-4 minutes.                  |             Handmade in QLD, Australia.