Joy Test Tube Trio

Give the Gift of Joy 


  • 100% organic blends
  • Ships fast from QLD
  • FREE Nationwide shipping ($75+)
  • Health focused product


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Give the Gift of Joy 


Introducing the Joy Test Tube Trio – where your tea experience meets personalization and elegance. Crafted for tea enthusiasts who seek both choice and beauty in their tea collection, this unique offering brings together the best of both worlds.

✨Personalized Selection: With the Joy Test Tube Trio, you’re in control. Select three of your favourite tea blends from our extensive collection, ensuring each tube is filled with the flavours that bring you joy. Whether you crave the robustness of black tea, the tranquillity of herbal infusions, or the delicate notes of green tea, the choice is yours.

✨Handmade Wooden Stand: Your trio of tea test tubes is elegantly displayed on a handcrafted wooden stand. This stand not only adds a touch of sophistication to your tea corner but also keeps your teas organized and easily accessible.

✨Unveil the Joy: Unwrap your Joy Test Tube Trio and witness the artistry of tea presentation. Each test tube is a testament to our commitment to quality, filled with your chosen blends. Sip, savor, and share the joy of premium tea.


Proudly Australian made and owned. All blends are hand-blended and packaged by the Organics for Lily team in Queensland, Australia. Made using the highest quality local and internationally sustainably-sourced certified organic ingredients

Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for a unique and thoughtful gift, the Joy Test Tube Trio is a delightful choice. Elevate your tea experience, one test tube at a time, and let your taste buds revel in the joy of your chosen blends.