New Years Resolutions... According to recent studies, more than half of Australian women and two thirds of Australian men are either overweight or obese? Clearly this is not an uncommon health condition, and many of us will face weight challenges at some point in our lives. Weight gain is actually a health condition in its own right and not just a symptom. If you had an illness, wouldn’t you do something about it to make yourself better? So what not start the year off right and give yourself the gift of health, by shedding those extra kilos to look and feel great in 2016!

Reducing your risk of chronic disease is another good reason to kick start your weightloss journey in 2016. Do you carry most of your weight around your middle?  Also known as visceral adipose tissue, this type of deep fat surrounds the abdominal area and organs, and is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even dementia.

There can be many factors contributing to weight gain; including prolonged or recurring stress, underactive thyroid causing a reduced metabolic rate, imbalances in blood sugar levels or hormones, toxicity and poor digestive function. Even muscle aches or pains or frequent infections may be slowing your fat loss due to the presence of inflammation.  It’s always a good idea to consult your health care practitioner before you start to just to ensure there is no underlying factor that may get in the way of getting you results.


Your diet should consist of low carbohydrate and moderate protein with each meal.  It should be nutrient rich and full of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as healthy fats and oils.  By embracing these key elements, you are not only losing weight but also enhancing metabolism to support further weight loss.

Some snack ideas; hard boiled eggs, vegetable sticks and hummus, celery sticks with nut butters, small handful of nuts and seeds, fruit, yoghurt (plain)

Protein; all meals should include protein.  Try some LSA on your muesli.  Other good sources include lean proteins such as fish, chicken, pork, chickpea, lentils, tofu.

Vegetables; try to eat a variety of coloured fruit and vegetables every day, as this will provide a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.




Regular exercise is also really important.  It’s recommended to exercise four times per week for 40 minutes, aiming for 40 minutes each time.  Fun types of exercise include walking, swimming, cycling, dancing and playing sport. Exercise plays an integral role in maintaining general health and is crucial for cardiovascular health, healthy insulin and glucose balance, optimal energy levels and of course weight management.


Organics for lily slim me tea is also a great blend to help compliment your weightloss.  This blend of Brindleberry, coleous root, cinnamon, green tea, licorice, hibiscus and peppermint assists weight loss by reducing appetite, increasing metabolism, stabolising blood sugar levels.  This blend also helps reducing sugar cravings as well as supporting digestion.  Drink 1-3 cups daily.


Our body stores toxins in our fat cells to protect our vital organs from damage by these toxins.  As we lose weight and the fat cells are broken down, these toxins are released into the blood stream.  Detox me tea is a blend of calendula, nettle and spearmint that helps support liver detoxification pathways and helps the body eliminate these toxins.  This blend is good to use in conjunction with our Slim me tea.  Drink 3-4 cups daily and feel free to reuse your tea leaves each time.

Remember lasting weight loss should be fun and relaxing. By including more social activities, hobbies, rest and the things you find most relaxing in your daily life, you will have a positive impact on your stress levels and therefore support weight loss.   You are more like to be able to sustain your dietary and lifestyle changes.

There is no time like the present to get healthier, lose those extra kilos and reduce your risk of chronic disease.   Afterall, health is our greatest wealth!


Mel x

Naturopath (BHSc- Nat)