Boosting your immune system

With so many COVID19 cases at the moment in the community we just wanted to remind and reassure everyone that the most potent anti-viral protection we have is our own immune systems.  So there are many things we can do to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 virus in addition to the advice from the Department of Health.  

Supercharging your innate immune response has never been so important.  Here are so things you can do; 

  • Take scientifically proven immune stimulating herbal medicines, such as Andrographis, Astragualus, Super Mushroom complex, Echinacea, Elder flower and Olive Leaf Extract.
  • Extra immune support by supplementing immune Vitamins or Mineral deficiencies in your diet, in particular Vitamins C, D, Zinc and Selenium.  
  • Getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, including immune stimulating foods such as Garlic, Ginger, Reishi and Shitake mushrooms, with plenty of brightly coloured fruit, veggies and filtered water.  
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, processed and high sugar foods.
  • Daily exercise.   

Don’t panic our bodies are pretty amazing…we got this!!